Solar-powered Smart Farming IoT device!

Guaranteed Impact!

We guarantee 50% decrease in fertilizer cost within 3 months use of our technology

Results in 5 minutes

Receive your nutrient test within 5 minutes right at your farm. No more waiting for 3-4 weeks for technical report from labs


Each test costs $4 payable through mobile money. You no longer have to pay $20 for lab tests

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Why CropScan technology?

No more guessing! No more depending on outnumbered agronomists!
CropScan is patented solar-powered plant diagnostic device that at the tap of a button, is able to detect:

(1) the exact nutrient level of the crops in your farm, deficiency of any nutrient and need for fertilization,

(2) the humidity level of the crops and the need for irrigation and

(3) the plant's health hence determine your farm yields beforehand.

Our Services

nutrient deficiencies
We invented the first-ever solar powered nutrient tester that gives results right at the farm
fertilizer requirements
The devices then recommend to you the type of fertilizer you should apply on your crops.
Crop Yield Projection
Based on the crop health and chlorophyll level, the devices are also able to give a crop yield projection to the farmers.

Listed in Forbes Africa 2021


Selected for Europe Start-up Tour! Berlin, Germany


Awarded the prestigious African Impact Award

our impact

Everyday! we enedeavour to transform farmers' lives

Reduced fertilizer Cost

CropScan provides a basis for precise fertilization of plants, thereby reducing cost of farm input, avoiding excessive waste and environmental damage.

Increased Farm Yields

with application of the right farm inputs and measuring the plant health throughout, you're guaranteed to have Improved long-term crop output and yield stability

Reduced Emissions

Precise application of farm inputs such as fertilizers and farm chemicals and application when necessary reduces land and water pollution risk from excess use and environmental damage

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Unique Value to you

  • Reduced fertilizer cost
  • Data guided decisions
  • Very affordable
  • Smart decisions
  • Instant results

Our Partners

  • Farmers societies
  • Rural farmer groups
  • Farmers coorperatives
  • Agronomists
  • Women Farmer groups

Our Pricing

  • $4 per test done
  • Instant results
  • Receive text too
  • No hidden charges
  • Results Onsite

Our Guaranteed Impact promise to you!

  • 45% increased yields
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved soil health
  • Reduced water usage
  • Reduced fertilizer costs

What's Said about us!

We care to listen, and we care more to tell you about it

Robinson Kiama

I met this team in Kiambu during training and I have great reduction in my costs, especially on the use of fertiliser

Boniface Kariuki

I am one of your users in Kikuyu, and I happily recommend any other farmer

Phyllis Kimanzi

Only 4 months since I started using your device and I am happy to see the transformation in my farm so far

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